SlimRoast Coffee


1. No Added Sugar, Chemicals, Pesticides or Artificial sweeteners.
2. Helps Control Appetite.
3. Regulates Sugar Absorption.
4. Promotes Brain Health and Focus.


Non GMO Dark Roast Coffee, Chlorogenic Acid, Garcinia Cambogia 95%,Phaseolamin, Cassiolamine Green Tea 100:1 Extract, Ginseng 100:1 Extract, L-Carnitine with Chromium.

Ingredient Benefits:

Garcinia Cambogia

An incredibly efficient ingredient to assist fat reduction around organs. This pure ingredient is 100% natural; it is sometimes referred to as Tamarind. Its primary ingredient is the dietary super supplement known as HCA, which is proven in scientific studies to reduce hunger.

Ginseng 100:1 Extract

Ginseng is known to combat the free radicals that give the human skin mantle that look of premature ageing. Valentus’ pure 100:1 extract works extremely well with our other ingredients. This root is an immune balancing supplement.

L-Carnitine & Chromium

This amino acid and minerals main function is to help insulin carry sugar into muscle cells where it is stored as energy. A lack of chromium can cause fluctuating blood-sugar levels which trigger sugar cravings. As a carbohydrate dependent society, increasing the amount of L-Carnitine & Chromium in our diet will assist the body’s ability to manage its cravings.


This ingredient combines with an enzyme in the body called alpha-amylase – which is involved in the digestion of starch – and helps to temporarily block its activities. Alpha-amylase is secreted in saliva and is produced in the pancreas, and is responsible for breaking down starch into simple sugars, which can then be absorbed in the small intestine. Blocking this digestive enzyme prevents the digestion of carbohydrates, which means they are able to pass largely undigested through the gastrointestinal tract. The end result is a decrease in the number of calories absorbed.


This multi-flavonoid compound helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and in the reduction of high blood pressure. Cassiolamine helps maintain healthy blood vessels by reducing the adhesion of blood platelets, which promotes blood flow. Our pure ingredient formula also serves as an anti-oxidant, which helps to maintain a healthy heart and improved immune system. This natural legume based extract is mostly known for is its powerful lipase-inhibiting features, which results in the prevention of fat absorption and an effective carbohydrate blocker.

Green Tea 100:1 Extract

Green tea contains 2% to 4% caffeine, which affects thinking and alertness, increases urine output, and may improve the function of brain messengers. Caffeine is thought to stimulate the nervous system, heart, and muscles by increasing the release of certain chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. Antioxidants and other substances in green tea have been shown in studies to help protect the heart and blood vessels additionally.

Chlorogenic Acid

This is the main active ingredient in Green Coffee Bean, it is a powerful thermogenic fat burner. It holds promise similar to bioflavonoids and shares some effects similar to caffeine, but less potent. Studies show that Chlorogenic Acid may also decrease the absorption of dietary carbohydrate, as well as provide anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dark Italian Roast Arabica Coffee

High-quality Arabica is beautifully fragrant, sweet and round, has a slight and pleasant acidity, with just a mild hint of bitterness.

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