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Build your own business and create your own line of income by sharing health drinks!


We are here to support you with a website, training, and professionally designed marketing support materials.

You can create a second income working from home whilst bringing health and wellbeing to your family, friends, and community.

Contact us and let’s discuss the support materials we offer to grow your business.

There are several ways Independent Representatives are rewarded to fit the several different ways our products are supplied. Please FIRST discuss these options with our independent representatives to ensure you can take advantage of the different options to earn commissions. The videos below contain detailed information which are easier to understand AFTER a discussion with your independent representative.

Valentus officer Ted Wilson states


“Both of our manufacturers follow GMP protocol, as defined by the FDA in the USA. As such, quality control processes are absolutely in place to ensure potency, consistency and stability. SlimROAST recently introduced a better sachet packet to offer even better product stability (for warmer climates with higher humidity). Our manufacturers use only Grade 1A material supply, which is the purest you can source on the planet. They also batch test each lot run to ensure their formulas are consistent without exception. Health Canada takes it one step further with 3rd party quarantine to do independent testing to ensure what is listed on our box, and what was filed internally upon product registration with regards to the amounts per ingredient (MSDS etc) is actually in the product.


This briefing paper ensures customer success with IR’s and it reflects the latest Valentus terms of business which constantly improve quality customer support and relations with IR’s


Our range of herbal health drinks sell exclusively online to create the best deal for customers and IR’s. We call this RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. Our success comes from trusted direct marketing channels. In the year to July 2016 Valentus IR’s grew monthly revenues to $6 MILLION creating 10,000 home based businesses.

There are no wholesalers and no supermarkets taking large profit margins to pay for expensive high street premises. Online marketing allows low pricing for customers and healthy margins for IR’s. This incentivises customers to buy our top quality products and enables IR’s to grow their business from home quickly and at very low cost.


The GOOD NEWS is that to become an IR the INITIAL UPFRONT FEE is just $20. We also ask IR’s to commit to a minimum order on “autoship” of 3 boxes per month for the first year to show commitment and obtain discounts from 25% to 45%. Thereafter this commitment reduces to one order every 6 months.

For $20 an IR is given a personalised and secure Valentus website with automatic online ordering. It includes a detailed tracking and reporting system to manage resellers and enable an IR to run the entire business from home. No warehouses, no third party stockists, no shop premises are needed. IR’s also have access to online training programmes and personalised marketing support


We do not encourage anyone to buy large stocks to be held at home as all ordering is online for shipping within 5 days. Like any business the more people order the more people save, with discounts from 25% to 45%. We encourage new customers to sample our products at very low cost.

  • A single box of 24 sachets costs about $2.49 per sachet
  • A 3 box order of 24 sachets gives 25% discount ie about $1.80
  • A 6 box order gives 35% discount ie about $1.38
  • A 16 box order gives 45% discount ie about $1.30 and puts IR’s on the highest commission rate. Discounts enable IR’s to offer low cost samples to customers saving money for all


IR’s have 4 main ways to earn commissions


This paid to you the first time a new customer orders online from an IR

You are paid the following:

  • $20 for 1 box order
  • $40 for a 3 box order
  • $60 for a 6 box order
  • $100 for a 16 box order


Pays you for developing 2 teams of customers or IR’s beneath you. You generate ‘credits’ (called BV) every time a customer orders or reorders product, and when you sign up a new IR to one of your 2 teams. Credits in each team ‘cycle’ into payments to you. This provides compounding residual income for a long period of time. Creating 2 active teams of customers or IR’s on each side of you gives you more commission in the long term.


Each time you sign up a Ruby IR, you generate $100 as a one off payment. The first three Rubys you sign up pay $300 total to your enroller (the person who introduced you) as a simple reward for them supporting you. Thereafter each subsequent Ruby you sign up pays you $100 legacy bonus. The first three ruby $100 payments under your signed-up customers and IR’s are paid to you so you get their first 3 $100 payments for supporting them. This system rewards teamwork and rewards people for supporting each other.


You receive 20% of the revenue for the IRs you sign up.

This is in addition to the amount you “cycle” each week.

This is an additional bonus and you can earn a percentage bonus up to 5 levels below you.

Your earnings are paid into a secure private “Paylution” account in US dollars each week.

You can choose to automatically transfer funds to your Canadian bank account or select a credit card account from Paylution (or a mix of both)

Your personalised Valentus website allows you to see the commissions paid to your enrollers and to all your customers and IR’s. This ensures transparency and helps you track and support those who may need it. This information is securely password protected for you.